In 1967 a group of Christian business leaders met in the suburbs of Philadelphia to pray and discuss how they might help missionaries spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ more effectively. They came to the conclusion that lack of modern equipment was a key gap for many missionaries on the field, forcing them to spend too much time on simple tasks – or not be able to perform them at all. It was out of this insight that Mission Projects Fellowship, Inc., a 501c3 corporation, was formed.

Frank Clifford was the leader of this original group of Christian business professionals. He was elected president of the MPF Board that same year, and served faithfully in that capacity for 25 years until the Lord took him home in 1992. He led MPF in establishing partnering relationships with dozens of evangelical missions’ organizations – a task taken on by Dave Frearson in 1992, followed by George Chantelau in 2005. MPF’s current president is Sam Hardman, who took over the role in 2014.

Throughout the last five decades MPF has funded over $3.8 million of equipment for missionaries working in more than 100 countries around the world. We have partnered with over 90 evangelical Christian mission organizations. Our current board of directors is dedicated to the Lord for the very same task that inspired the original MPF board 50 years ago.


The MPF vision is simple: Provide modern equipment to missionaries on the field to make them more effective and efficient in the cause of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Mission Projects Fellowship (MPF) is an independent, Christ-centered mission board located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We are also a volunteer organization; there are no salaries paid.

MPF is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are not connected with any denomination, church, or other mission board.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 6 to 10 Christian men and women of like faith from various Bible-believing churches. They prayerfully handle all the details involved with project selection as requested by mission organizations.

The Board of Advisors consists of area pastors, businessmen, and mission organization representatives who give helpful guidance to the directors concerning mission work and data on current missionary field conditions and needs.

Project requests come from the headquarters of a recognized mission board and not from individual missionaries. This requirement provides accountability for the use of monies. MPF does not purchase the equipment, but forwards funds to the U.S.-based mission board making the request. MPF provides funds only for the requested equipment, not for missionaries’ daily needs. Before being approved for a  project, the doctrinal position of all mission boards submitting an application are carefully reviewed by our board for consistency with MPF’s own doctrinal statement.